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Several stores business model
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Several stores business model

    Pure rental model,This model requires operators to have a certain investment capacity, store brand awareness and management skills, and so on. Ensure that only profitable business, to their own long-term profitability, this model of the successful examples of many, but also many failures.
    Marketplace direct business model,Marketplace mainly to self-built, the selection of relatively strict brand, not a subdivision known brands on the market almost difficult to access, such stores unified sales, codes prices, not to engage in bargaining.
    Make their own decisions by the business model,The different business model, its profit is in the appreciation of real estate leasing and on.
    Furniture to live with the real estate model,Marketplace beginning of self-built, very few businessmen settled, rents Shang Bulai, they show floor for luxury decoration and the introduction of high-end brands, the achievements of the Louvre home, a high-end furniture, furniture brand representative and symbolic , Thus creating a favorable business environment, enhance the entire value of furniture stores, attracted a popular, to do Mong the purpose of furniture stores, but also settled for businesses has brought enormous profits, thereby earning a high Rent. This model requires a certain economic strength and experience to promote stores.
    Sales model
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